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Introduction to Information Security With ISO/IEC 27001

Introduction to Information Security With ISO/IEC 27001

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ISO 27001 Introduction

Learn the basics of Information Security Management Systems

Information Security Course Description

Information is a new frontier. The more convenient instant access to our information becomes, the more vulnerable we are. This course will introduce you to the concepts and principles of sound management of critical information that can now be accessed online. ISO 27001 is a recognized international standard for how to manage an information security system. You will find out just how vigilant you need to be in safeguarding your information. Don't let the unthinkable happen. Start getting educated now.

The duration of the course is one day. There is no certification exam or certificate for this course, but you will receive over 150 pages of course materials to continue to study and reference after the course is finished. You will receive 7 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for this class.

Why should I take this course?

Information security is vital with so much of business happening online or over the internet. Taking this introductory course will enhance you knowledge and awareness with the ISO 27001 backdrop. ISO 27001 is among the top three ISO certifications being sought and finished by companies around the world.

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