Collection: Laminator Training

Certified Laminators will have training credentials necessary to work on large projects where FRP equipment is installed. Construction companies rely on expert/certified laminators to install the equipment according to project specifications and international standards. FSEICC certified laminators qualify to be on the job site.
  • Benefits of Benefits of Laminator Training

    • Learn from both classroom and practical instruction.
    • Obtain your own certification to perform lamination for FRP.
    • Use your certification to qualify for lamination jobs on major projects.
    • Learn from expert and certified laminators.
    • Study both in the classroom and on the shop floor.
    • Learn and practice all safety requirements for lamination.
    • Course content based on ISO, ASME, and other international standards.
    • Training by an IACET Certified training provider.
    • Certification is renewable.
    • Students will be required to test on all lamination steps.
  • How do I get started with Laminator Training?

    If you are willing to take the challenge and obtain an Laminator certification, our experts will ensure a valuable experience, whereby your needs will be met and you will become part of our global network.

    1. Sign up for the course
    2. We will get you onboarded for success
    3. Become a valuable asset to your organization.


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Laminator Training Courses