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ISO 9001 Foundation

ISO 9001 Foundation

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ISO 9001 Foundation

ISO 9001 Foundation Course Description

The Foundation course sets you up with all the knowledge you need to understand a quality management system based on ISO 9001. The Foundation course is presented online over two days by a live instructor. You may participate in the course remotely, or you may complete the course at your own pace using self-study. At the conclusion of the course, or when you finish your self-study, you can take the certification exam. After you pass the exam PECB will send you the certificate for this class. Take a look here for more detail about the course.

Here is a video from ISO describing ISO 9001.

Why should I take this course?

Worldwide, in 170 countries, there are over 1 million ISO 9001 certifications. ISO 9001 has by far to most certifications. You will be in good company and your skillset will be enhanced by obtaining knowledge of ISO 9001. You will be knowledgeable of ISO 9001 principles in the context of your quality management system. You will be able to become a resource in your organization and will be able to teach others.

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