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6 Essential SOC Analyst Tools to Identify Threats

6 Essential SOC Analyst Tools to Identify Threats

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C|SA Certified SOC Analyst- iLearn 

You will obtain the knowledge and skill to join a security operations center (SOC) and contribute as an analyst.

SOC Analyst Course Description

Here are some of the learning objectives for this course:

  • Gain Knowledge of SOC processes, procedures, technologies, and workflows.
  • Gain a basic understanding and in-depth knowledge of security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attacker’s behaviors, cyber killchain, etc.
  • Able to recognize attacker tools, tactics, and procedures to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) that can be utilized during active and future investigations.
  • Able to monitor and analyze logs and alerts from a variety of different technologies across multiple platforms (IDS/IPS, end-point protection, servers, and workstations).
  • Gain knowledge of the Centralized Log Management (CLM) process.
  • Able to perform Security events and log collection, monitoring, and analysis.
  • Gain experience and extensive knowledge of Security Information and Event Management.
  • Gain knowledge of administering SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK).
  • Understand the architecture, implementation and fine-tuning of SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK).
  • Gain hands-on experience in SIEM use case development process.
  • Able to develop threat cases (correlation rules), create reports, etc.
  • Learn use cases that are widely used across the SIEM deployment.
  • Plan, organize, and perform threat monitoring and analysis in the enterprise.
  • Able to monitor emerging threat patterns and perform security threat analysis.
  • Gain hands-on experience in the alert triaging process.
  • Able to escalate incidents to appropriate teams for additional assistance.
  • Able to use a Service Desk ticketing system.
  • Able to prepare briefings and reports of analysis methodology and results.
  • Gain knowledge of integrating threat intelligence into SIEM for enhanced incident detection and response.
  • Able to make use of varied, disparate, constantly changing threat information.
  • Gain knowledge of Incident Response Process.
  • Gain understating of SOC and IRT collaboration for better incident response.

 EC-Council presents this course in the iLearn format, which means that the course materials are made available to you and you complete the course using self-study at your own pace.  The course includes a comprehensive exam that will test your mastery of the course content. The exam will be online and available through the EC-Council Exam Center. Once you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate displaying your credential. This course is recognized by all branches of the US armed services and the DoD. See the detailed product tab labeled "Government" for more details.

Why should I take this course?

Learning these key skills for working on a multi-member security team will enhance your workplace acumen. Learn these skills and you will be sought after in a rapidly changing cyber world.

You will come away from the course with enough skill to go to work in a Security Operations Center. Take a look at this EC-Council blog on becoming a SOC Analyst.

How does it work?

FSE|ICC is a certified EC-Council reseller. We handle the transaction with you and EC-Council will handle the SOC Analyst course content, instruction, examination, certificate and anything else associated with the course. We will be here to answer questions and follow-up on issues you might encounter.

How do I get started?

Add the SOC Analyst course to your cart and complete the checkout process. EC-Council will run point from there and will help you get registered and started on your iLearn course. Once you get started, the process is simple. You'll be working your way through the online course in no time. Your only limits will be how much time you will be able to spend on the course each day. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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